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Faris Pharmacy has been owned and operated by George Faris since July 1972. Our customers are also our family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and acquaintances. Our pharmacists are valuable community health care resources for those who require timely and accurate information. If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, you can speak directly to the owner.


Monday thru Frdiay we offer free delivery of prescriptions and medical equipment for those within the Greece area.


Prescription refills can be ordered by calling the pharmacy or submitting  a form online. We also offer easy transfers of your prescriptions to our Pharmacy from your old one.

We do not accept expired or unneeded Pharmaceutical items for disposal. 
Below is a link to the Monroe County website listing dates and drop off locations to have these items disposed of:

Notarizing Documents

When getting a document notarized, please bring your driver's license and documents to the store. Available upon request. Please call for futher details.

Special Orders

We are able to special order some of our products. Medical and surgical items can be ordered to specifically fit your needs. Many can be recieved the next business day, a few can take ten to fourteen business days. Gift items can also be special ordered.

In Home Medication Review

Confused about the medications you are taking, or need help organizing them? Jack, one of our pharmacists, can help. Call to make an appoinment with him to come to your home today.

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